Best of Interop 2014 Product Award Winners

, April 02, 2014 The Best of Interop Awards recognize innovative hardware and software that represent technological advancement in a specific category. The Interop judging team poured through 129 submissions in nine categories, including networking, mobility, and security. This year we chose to mix this up a little by creating a separate storage category and adding a whole new SDN category. Awards were also presented for Grand Award winner, Best Startup, and Audience Choice. See who took home the prize this year!
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Data Center

Product: Cisco Nexus 9516

The new, top-of-the-line Nexus 9516 is a 22RU supercar of a data center switch with room for 16 line cards, 6 fabric modules and 9 high-efficiency power supplies. Delivering up to 2,304 ports of 10GbE, or 576 ports of 40GbE (even 1GbE and eventually 100GbE), this monster of a switch was independently tested using all 576x40GbE ports concurrently at full line rate and it passed with flying colors and zero dropped packets. Cisco's use of Broadcom ASICs in combination with their own custom chips in the Nexus 9516 results in line cards with substantially fewer components, higher port densities, increased power efficiency and lower costs.

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