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Where the Cloud Touches Down: Simplifying Data Center Infrastructure Management

Thursday, July 25, 2013
10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET

In most data centers, DCIM rests on a shaky foundation of manual record keeping and scattered documentation. OpManager replaces data center documentation with a single repository for data, QRCodes for asset tracking, accurate 3D mapping of asset locations, and a configuration management database (CMDB). In this webcast, sponsored by ManageEngine, you will see how a real-world datacenter mapping stored in racktables gets imported into OpManager, which then provides a 3D visualization of where assets actually are. You'll also see how the QR Code generator helps you make the link between real assets and the monitoring world, and how the layered CMDB provides a single point of view for all your configuration data.

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A Network Computing Webinar:
SDN First Steps

Thursday, August 8, 2013
11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

This webinar will help attendees understand the overall concept of SDN and its benefits, describe the different conceptual approaches to SDN, and examine the various technologies, both proprietary and open source, that are emerging. It will also help users decide whether SDN makes sense in their environment, and outline the first steps IT can take for testing SDN technologies.

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Lancope Unveils High-Speed StealthWatch FlowCollector 4000

Lancope, Inc., a leader in flow-based security, network and application performance monitoring, has unveiled the StealthWatch FlowCollector 4000, one of the fastest flow collectors on the market. Highly scalable to meet the needs of any enterprise, the FlowCollector (FC) 4000 increases the maximum monitoring capacity of the StealthWatch System to 3 million flows per second (fps), significantly boosting network visibility, performance and security.

"The use of flow data within the enterprise is quickly rising," said Mike Potts, president and CEO of Lancope. "More and more network and security vendors are adding support for flow data to their devices, while leading global commercial and government enterprises are realizing the value of the data and expanding its use within their environments. With the new FlowCollector 4000, Lancope is staying ahead of this explosive growth by providing a collector that can effectively analyze these tremendous amounts of flow data to provide in-depth, actionable network intelligence."

In addition to providing NetFlow support in its Catalyst 3000 and 4000 Series Switches, Cisco Systems has also advanced the NetFlow support in its Catalyst 6500 Series Switch through the Supervisor Engine 2T. The 6500 Series now supports an unprecedented level of NetFlow data for a single system.

"Being such a robust and powerful device, Cisco was unsure whether any flow collectors on the market would be able to successfully process the extraordinary amount of flow data now produced by the 6500 Series," said Adam Powers, CTO of Lancope. "However, knowing that Lancope prides itself on scalability, Cisco worked with us to test our respective systems, and the FC 4000 was able to seamlessly collect and analyze all of the flow data exported by their switch."

Lancope's StealthWatch System harnesses the power of NetFlow and other flow data from existing network devices to provide unparalleled visibility into network traffic for vastly improved IT and security operations. The system eliminates network blind spots, cuts network and security management costs and dramatically reduces the time from problem onset to resolution across physical and virtual environments. By providing a comprehensive view of what is going on in the network at any given time, StealthWatch addresses increasing demands being placed on corporate infrastructure due to trends such as IT consumerization, user mobility, cloud computing, live telepresence and streaming video.

In addition to massive scalability, monitoring up to 120,000 fps per collector, the StealthWatch FC 4000 also boasts extensible storage up to four terabytes (4 TB) to assist with efforts such as network forensics, capacity planning and compliance. By upgrading to the FC 4000, organizations can progress their data center consolidation initiatives by either doubling their flow rate (fps) or storage capability with the same sized device and same power requirements.

"With the vanishing of the network perimeter comes an increasing need for internal protection mechanisms to adequately safeguard performance and security," added Potts of Lancope. "Leveraging flow data through enterprise-ready solutions like StealthWatch, organizations can successfully achieve end-to-end network insight for faster, more informed decision making."

As new devices, applications and users are added to the Internet on a daily basis, the amount of flow data passing through corporate networks will continue to grow exponentially. Enterprises will increasingly need exporters such as the Catalyst 6500 Series and collectors like the FC 4000 to handle this massive volume of information.

Lancope is demonstrating the FlowCollector 4000 and other components of its StealthWatch System at Cisco Live Booth #1751. The FC 4000 is also monitoring all show floor traffic for the conference, including flow data from the 6500 Series. Further details on Lancope's activities at Cisco Live can be found at www.lancope.com/cisco. For more information on Lancope's StealthWatch, please visit http://www.lancope.com/products.

The FlowCollector 4000 will be available in August as part of the StealthWatch 6.1 product release. Current customers can contact their account manager, local Support Partner or Lancope Customer Care ([email protected]) for more information. Others can contact [email protected] or their local Lancope representative.

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