10 Nerdy Things To Do In Las Vegas

, March 11, 2014 At the end of March, IT engineers and architects will descend upon Las Vegas for Interop, the biggest independent IT conference of the year. The show will be packed with the latest technology, including everything from OpenFlow to 802.11ac and SSDs to DIMMs. But even the biggest technophile needs have a little fun at the end of the day, and Las Vegas is certainly the place to find it. If you want to get away from the glitzy shows and casinos, check out these places where nerds can let loose.
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Nerd Nightlife

If you're a dancing nerd, the place to go is Insert Coin(s), an "interactive videolounge" that features an LED-illuminated Beta Bar from which partygoers can play Xbox 360 or PlayStation games in high resolution on 14 large-screen TVs. For more nostalgic gamers, the club boasts 60 vintage arcade favorites such as Ms. Pac Man and Tetris. There are also special events and music theme nights, often featuring guest DJs from around the world.

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