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Where the Cloud Touches Down: Simplifying Data Center Infrastructure Management

Thursday, July 25, 2013
10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET

In most data centers, DCIM rests on a shaky foundation of manual record keeping and scattered documentation. OpManager replaces data center documentation with a single repository for data, QRCodes for asset tracking, accurate 3D mapping of asset locations, and a configuration management database (CMDB). In this webcast, sponsored by ManageEngine, you will see how a real-world datacenter mapping stored in racktables gets imported into OpManager, which then provides a 3D visualization of where assets actually are. You'll also see how the QR Code generator helps you make the link between real assets and the monitoring world, and how the layered CMDB provides a single point of view for all your configuration data.

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A Network Computing Webinar:
SDN First Steps

Thursday, August 8, 2013
11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

This webinar will help attendees understand the overall concept of SDN and its benefits, describe the different conceptual approaches to SDN, and examine the various technologies, both proprietary and open source, that are emerging. It will also help users decide whether SDN makes sense in their environment, and outline the first steps IT can take for testing SDN technologies.

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Cisco Pushes SDN Into Distributed Networks

Networking giant extends ACI beyond the data center with new APIC module that provides SDN functionality across campus and branch networks.

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University Taps Dark Fiber for Online Academics, Healthcare

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center turns to a new network architecture and dark fiber to support the academic and healthcare needs of dozens of regional campuses and clinics.

Reviews & Workshops

Mobile Biometrics: The Next Phase of Enterprise Authentication?

Smartphones and tablets equipped with fingerprint readers or other biometric hardware have the potential to drive greater adoption of biometric authentication in the enterprise—if we can get the hardware, software and business processes right.

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IPv6 Adoption: Here at Last

February 27, 2014 09:43 AM
Posted by Erik Nygren

IPv6 adoption has finally turned the corner. IT organizations and networks without an active IPv6 rollout program may find themselves caught unawares.

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Tags: IPv6, IPv6 adoption, Akamai, IPv6 distribution, Ipv6 geography

Channel: Cloud Computing, Networking & Mgmt, Next Gen Network, WAN Security, IPv6, Private Cloud, IPv6 Tech Center, Public Cloud


Building an Information Security Policy Part 1: Network Devices

February 19, 2014 01:11 PM
Posted by Natalie Timms

An effective security policy requires careful planning to ensure the roles and capabilities of routers, switches and firewalls are properly configured.

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Tags: information security policy, network devices, routers, switches, firewalls, secure network design

Channel: Networking & Mgmt, WAN Security, Wireless,


How To Avoid Network Outages: Go Back To Basics

February 10, 2014 01:37 PM
Posted by Joel Dolisy

Following best practices can go a long way toward preventing unplanned downtime caused by internal errors as well as external attacks.

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Tags: network outages, DDoS, unplanned downtime, unplanned outages, firewalls

Channel: Security, WAN Security


Security Analysts and the Island of Misfit Toys

October 17, 2013 11:06 AM
Posted by Michele Chubirka

Security analysts can become insular and disengaged because of job pressures and organizational isolation. Here's how to lead your security team out of the wilderness.

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Tags: incident response, system administrators, malware

Channel: Data Center, Data Protection, Networking & Mgmt, Security, WAN Security,


WAN Encryption Tops the Agenda After NSA Revelations

September 24, 2013 11:00 AM
Posted by Greg Ferro

Whatever trust customers had in the security of WAN connections from service providers is gone. Encrypt now, and consider less-expensive Internet connections instead.

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Tags: service provider, NSA, Edward Snowden, IPSec, VPN, MPLS, Frame Relay

Channel: Data Center, Networking & Mgmt, Security, WAN Security, Interop,


Readers Respond: F5 Firewall Challenges Cisco, Check Point

February 06, 2013 05:38 PM
Posted by Andrew Conry Murray

Network Computing readers weighed in on F5’s entry into the firewall market and how its strategy of integrating firewall software into its load-balancing platform might play out with customers and competitors.

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Tags: F5, Cisco Systems, Check Point, Juniper, firewalls, security, load balancing

Channel: Data Center, Networking & Mgmt, Next Gen Network, Virtualization, WAN Security

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