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Research from Network Computing shows that while IT professionals have a high interest level in software-defined networks, several factors are holding back deployments.

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In a world where IT is under relentless pressure to support more applications, scale volume, execute more responsively, and stretch budgets beyond reason, software-defined network (SDN) should theoretically be a no-brainer. After all, software-defined virtualization of compute has swiftly revolutionized ownership of systems infrastructure. And software-defined virtualization of storage is on its way to doing likewise.

Find out how your peers are actually evaluating and deploying SDN in our research report. You'll learn:

  • SDN implementation rates
  • SDN drivers and inhibitors
  • The most popular SDN vendors
  • Recommendations for making progress with SDN

Learn even more about our reader research live at Interop Las Vegas. Lenny Liebmann will present SDN: The Story Behind the Story on May 5 at 3:00 pm. Register for your pass now.

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