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  • Tools To Tame Virtual Machines: Don't get eaten alive by an untamed virtual environment! We've got products you need to know about to handle hypervisors from multiple vendors.
  • Double Up Your Data Defenses: Data replication to a secondary data center can be tricky. Find out why you should be using VPLS, virtualization, and other technologies.
  • Break Storage Vendor Stranglehold: FCoE and iSCSI have the potential to topple industry practices that keep storage prices high and vendors--not buyers--in charge.
  • Shut Up And Log: Enterprises give three common excuses for not storing and reviewing logs as required by PCI. All three are unacceptable.
  • Tech Insight: We put Tenable's Security Center 4 through its paces and drill down into the architectural differences in scale-out NAS systems.

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